Care Instructions

For Gold Plated Pieces:

For the best care of your items and to preserve the color and/or plating of each item, it is recommended to avoid exposure to moisture, oils, salts and acids. 

The materials used in our products can be exposed to a normal amount of water/sweat. Though for longevity of pieces it is recommended to remove each piece prior to showering, swimming and exercising and avoid contact with cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, lotions and fake tan. Overtime, even the highest quality plated jewelry will need to be re plated as plating natural wears down overtime. 

For Stainless Steel:

Hypoallergenic metals such as stainless steel and copper, which are plated in 18k gold. These materials can be exposed to a normal amount of water/sweat. 


*Avoid all contact with lotions and perfumes as both will contribute to fading the plating a lot faster.